Apr 232015

For all fans of the heavy/trashy Electro sounds as well as all those getting tired of the same (Dubstep/Drumstep) sound which so many artists go for nowadays we have some good news coming, since Your Ol’ Lady‘s debut album is now out on German label Mähtrasher Records. Those of you familiar with the Australlian artist or label should pretty much know what to expect and let us tell you that this is some fine, raw, bass-heavy Electro House. No surprise though since Your Ol’ Lady has been doing this exact thing for enough years already and “Retrogade” has to be some of his best work. 8 tracks, with a couple collaborations with label regular Kroyclub and Ivarr among them, which bring together all those sounds and styles you expect on Mähtrasher Records releases by combining the heavy bass Electro/Electronica sound with House or Techno elements spiced up with an extra pinch of “weird and crazy”, which Your Ol’ Lady has always been adding to his music anyway. European sound at its fullest and an album all fans of those styles should definitely check out. Continue reading »

Apr 212015

The Unique Yagark - Overcoming Pain_CoverFor those who like their Electro dark and Electronica bassy, Russian duo The Unique Yagark should be an artist name they should start familiarising themselves with. Following in the footsteps of artists like Proxy and Trumpdisco these guys are constantly getting weirder (in a good way) while staying busy by constantly coming up with new material. Mixing pretty much everything from Neuro and House to Electronica and Trap, their music keeps evolving, sometimes moving to a more club/dancefloor oriented directrion and other times to a strictly non-club but yet fun to listen to one. And when they offered us their new EP “Overcoming Pain” as a free download exclusively on Metalectro we were of course happy to oblige since we like our Electro dark, weird, bassy and rowdy and these 2 originals fit the description perfectly well. Check’em out and grab’em! Continue reading »

Apr 212015

Here are all the entries from the Big Brother 84 “Pushing Through” Remix Contest we have been running during the last month in collaboration with Jet Set Trash, Keith McMillen Instruments, Presonus, Rycote, Sony Creative Software, Sturban Clothing, Prodipe, Melda Productions, InTune Guitar Picks, Waldorf Music and our special guest judge Zardonic! Almost 50 entries, so lots of bass and lots of “judging” to be done over the next week for who the three final winners are going to be, so here are all entries for you listening pleasure and stay tuned for the final results and winners which will be announced on Monday 27 April and enjoy! And of course, grab your copy of the original mix of “Pushing Through” which is available here! Continue reading »

Apr 212015

For those of you following closely the artist’s social media you must have probably known that F.O.O.L had a new EP coming on April 20th and finally it’s here! Out yesterday on Monstercat, the Swedish artist’s new EP is titled “Knight” and includes 4 new original tracks which combine those melodic trademark F.O.O.L sounds we’ve come to know and love during the last few years with darker and atmospheric parts and of course the neccessary amounts of bass and boost to get you moving and going wild (on the club dancefloor or your bedroom floor). And if that sounds a bit too familiar and expected for those of you who’ve been following F.O.O.L for a while, watch out for the last couple of tracks on theEP (“Fairytaler” and “Distorted Rreality”) for some fresh sounding mix of Synthwave, Dubstep and Electronica to spice things up. Definitely a new release to check out but then again isn’t that almost always the case with F.O.O.L? Continue reading »

Apr 172015

Sticking to some more super energised and badass Drum N Bass sounds, this time coming from Russia based artist Davip who has never been featured here before (so lets give him a warm or even hot as hell welcome) and Uplink Audio. “Eliminator” EP was out a week ago including four original tracks, with the opening and EP same titled track being a collaboration with label boss Downlink and setting the tone for what’s to follow in the three remaining EP tracks perfectly well with its fat moving bassline and overall great feel and production. Definitely an EP to check out if you’re into this sort of sound and one we enjoyed quite a bit here on Metalectro so if you trust our eardrums do check it out by all means. Continue reading »